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I first met Dr. Richheimer on a Friday night with a perforated cornea, leaking fluid. He came in 2 nights in a row, at about 3 AM, and stabilized my eye. Soon thereafter, he performed an emergency corneal transplant. My vision from that eye is now 20/10 and better than my other eye!



In 2006-2007, I had been through 6 hospitalizations for a condition causing progressive weakness. No correct diagnosis had been made. On my eye exam, Dr. Richheimer diagnosed my condition in 15 minutes. I now have the treatment I need, and my life back!! Thank you!



As a close friend, Dr. Richheimer is the only one I would trust for my Lasik surgery. My vision was 20/15 from Day 1 after surgery, and has been 20/15 ever since. My vision really does feel perfect!